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In 2001, I put an end to my multinational business career in search of the entrepreneurial dream.

I had spent years in successive different CFO roles. I often woke up in conference hotels and could barely remember what city I was in. I worked so hard to support my family – and yet I almost never got to see them.

One day it all became too much for me when my youngest son played his first high school football match. They won 2-0. Joseph scored both goals. And where was I? Abroad, at another one of those “important” business meetings that my boss felt it was necessary for me to attend.

That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I knew I had had enough – it was time for a change.

Was I crazy to leave my high-paying job at a major company to support a family of four? Sometimes it felt that way. But with my wife Julie as the sole breadwinner, I decided to break new ground as a part-time FD.

I was a successful CFO for a variety of large and mid-sized companies, so I had strong financial skills… but I was also a driven entrepreneur.

A few months before I left, I came up with a business idea of ​​my own. It involved providing small and medium-sized businesses with the skills and experience of senior and CFOs.

I knew that for most entrepreneurs, one of the strongest motivators to start a successful business is the search for freedom – freedom to express their creative talents, freedom to regain control of their lives and freedom to choose how they spend their time.

I also knew from experience that poor financial footing, lack of control over one’s own business, or simply running out of cash can all contribute to turning the entrepreneurial dream into a terrible nightmare.

So my vision was to find CFOs like me, skilled people who have ‘seen it all’ at large and medium-sized companies, who could support entrepreneurs to avoid the looming dangers of poor financial management.

Every business plan needs a secret ingredient to give it the edge to succeed. In my case, the special element was that I would develop a model that allows highly talented CFOs to work with ambitious entrepreneurs on a part-time basis.

Suddenly, hard-working small and medium-sized businesses could afford the skills of a highly qualified CFO without having to hire someone full-time.

The CFO would use his/her highly-tuned skillset to help the business owner build a financial platform that serves as a springboard for growth and realize its full potential. It would allow the entrepreneur to escape from the mundane activities and focus on the work he/she loves.

That is simply how the CFO Center came into existence.

Now, twenty years later, we have more than 750 FDs/CFOs drawn from the top one percent of global talent on the ground – the true cream of the crop. They help entrepreneurs on five continents scale quickly, increase cash, profits and valuation and, crucially, live the lives they want – and that’s why we call them our Dream Team.

Since our founding, we have helped more than 10,000 companies scale and more than 4,000 companies plan their exit strategy. We’ve also
raised more than $10 billion in funding.

When you hire someone from our team, you get much more than that person’s skills and experience – you tap into the resources of our entire global CFO Dream Team. There are few business challenges we haven’t overcome yet. Do you need specialist skills to start a business in the US or China? We have already done that. Do you need to prepare an exit plan for a technology company in Singapore or a manufacturing company in the UK? We have done that many times. Whatever challenges you face, we can draw on our experience to help you realize your most ambitious visions.

We are extremely proud of the culture we have built. Our overriding passion is to help entrepreneurs get what they really want – not just the ‘business numbers’, but also the ‘numbers that really matter’ to you as a person. Maybe it’s the number of days you spend with your family each year, the number of weeks you go on vacation knowing your finances are in safe hands, or the age at which you can.

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