The Chief Financial Officer Who Fired His Boss

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I work with a team of 20 high calibre Chief Financial Officers across the North of England.

Each of them is accredited by one of the major chartered Institutes and each of them used to work for successful companies as ‘traditional’ Chief Financial Officers.

By traditional, I mean that each of them used to work as the sole Chief Financial Officer within a corporation, working Monday through to Friday (and weekends), usually from about 8am to 6pm.

This is what I refer to as ‘Plan A’.

There is however a ‘Plan B’. Plan B starts with a positive decision to opt for a different type of lifestyle. It involves working in the capacity of Chief Financial Officer, but for multiple companies, concurrently. Typically for 2-4 days per customer per month, covering 4 or 5 clients. It’s a lifestyle choice, but without sacrificing income.

In other words, there is a great pay-off in terms of greater freedom, flexibility and time, as well as a possibility to earn good money.

Our team of 20 Chief Financial Officers across the North of England form part of The CFO Centre – the world’s number 1 provider of part-time CFOs to SMEs. I work in the capacity of Regional Director, helping my team to win new customers, who don’t have a requirement for a full-time CFO or the appetite for adding £100k+ to their wage bill!

The part-time CFO model has caught fire over recent years with many companies ditching the traditional model.
If you like the idea of having more time, greater variety of work, more flexibility, more freedom and frankly more fun, and have a track record of high achievement as an CFO , I’d love to talk.

Maybe it’s time for you to fire your boss and take on a new and exciting challenge?

Andy Collier
Regional Director
North of England
The FD Centre
07944 662986

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