“Portfolio working provides me the opportunity to work with a wide range of talented business people, while providing a healthy work/life balance.”

Allan Robb, portfolio CFO at the CFO Centre in Australia
(part of the CFO Centre Group)

Allan joined The CFO Centre in Queensland in late 2018, having previously worked in CFO roles in larger corporates and SMEs.  His background as a CFO with extensive experience across a range of industries meant that he was ideally suited to The CFO Centre portfolio approach.

“I decided that corporate roles were no longer for me, and before committing to The CFO Centre explored various options including the independent route.  The CFO Centre was able to offer not only a broad support network, but was able to provide a range of tools, resources and methodologies which could be used to add immediate value for clients.”

Allan is building a strong client base in Queensland, with clients in industries including intelligent transport systems, software as a service, health, IT, finance, and insurance.  He enjoys helping businesses that need specialist CFO advice to overcome the inevitable challenges that most businesses face.  He also values being a part of a growing team that has extensive support networks though the CFO Centre global network of portfolio CFOs.

“I believe that one of the real strengths of The CFO Centre for our clients is that clients are able to access a depth of experience and resources that go well beyond their CFO, including a local team, Regional Director, CEO, and a global network of CFOs and other business professionals, many of whom are located in jurisdictions the business is either operating in, exporting to or importing from.”

Allan also believes that another key strength of The CFO Centre is that the recruitment screening process is very comprehensive, which ensures not only are all CFOs screened for technical capability, but also cultural fit, attitude, client focus, as well as ethics.  “This leads to a consistently high quality of CFOs across the organisation.”

Allan enjoys the work/life balance that comes with portfolio CFO work, and when not working he is likely to be spending time with family and friends, reading, travelling, and hiking.

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