Allan Robb - CFO - Queensland

Allan Robb In 60 Seconds

Allan Robb is an accomplished CFO and senior executive with a diverse background spanning various industries. With extensive expertise in financial management and strategic planning, he has demonstrated a profound commitment to nurturing business growth and ensuring long-term success. Allan’s passion lies in fostering the flourishing of enterprises, achieved through his collaborative approach in closely aligning with business owners, managers, and team members to develop and implement robust strategic business plans. His unwavering dedication to achieving sustainable and prosperous outcomes sets him apart as a driven leader and a valued asset to any organisation.

Specialist Skills

Business Planning

Strategic Thinker

Management Information

M&A Specialist

Corporate Finance

Track Record Highlights

  • Negotiated and secured funding facilities for several clients, including both debt and equity.
  • Facilitated the development of strategic business plans incorporating goals, measures and resource plans.
  • Worked with clients to establish and review governance and compliance programs.
  • Experience as a Company Director and able to take a Director's perspective when required.
  • High level of capability in building relationships and developing teams.
  • Experience in working with multi-national and multi-currency organisations.
  • Management experience across a wide range of functional areas, including finance, IT, HR, facilities, legal and compliance.

Sector Experience

  • government-defence
  • healthcare
  • technology-media-telecoms
  • property-real-estate
  • banking-financial-services
  • services
  • mining-resources-energy

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