“I worked hard to work my way up to CFO and Company Secretary of a large public listed company but when I arrived, I wasn’t experiencing the job satisfaction and sense of achievement that I craved.”

Andrew Bell, Portfolio CFO at the CFO Centre, Western Australia
(part of The CFO Centre Group)

Andrew Bell has an enviable CV. With 25+ years working with fast-growing companies, he’d worked his way up from Graduate Accountant to an ASX 300 CFO and Company Secretary.  But, in Nov 16, he wasn’t feeling quite as fulfilled as he thought he would as the politics in the corporate environment were preventing him from enjoying his roles.

Andrew took time to consider what it was that he enjoyed about his career and concluded that he loved working directly with owners and entrepreneurs to develop and improve their businesses. He made the decision to join the CFO Centre and now feels that he is putting his experience to good use as he is able to make a real difference to his clients’ businesses.

“The CFO Centre has provided me with the opportunity to work with multiple growing and developing companies over the past 2 + years for mutual benefit and great job satisfaction.”

He’s also a great advocate for the team-based approach at the CFO Centre.  He visits his clients regularly and enjoys mentoring and coaching staff within the finance functions. There’s also a great team spirit amongst the CFOs where they share their knowledge and assist with client situations which creates a great learning environment for everyone.

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